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    Carbon footprint

    "Today, the term “carbon footprint” is often used as shorthand for the amount of carbon (usually in tonnes) being emitted by an activity or organization. The carbon component of the Ecological Footprint takes a slightly differing approach, translating the amount of carbon dioxide into the amount of productive land and sea area required to sequester carbon dioxide emissions. This tells us the demand on the planet that results from burning fossil fuels."

    Nactional accounts of well-being

    "Overall well-being can be assessed from the two headline National Accounts of Well-being indicators of personal well-being and social well-being, or from indicators which combine the two into a summary measure."
    (NEF,, 2015-04-15)

    Population median age

    Age that divides the population in two parts of equal size, that is, there are as many persons with ages above the median as there are with ages below the median.

    United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs,, retrieved on 19.12.2014

    Status Index

    "The Status Index, with its two analytic dimensions – one assessing the state of political transformation, the other the state of economic transformation – identifies where each of the 129 countries stand on their path toward democracy under the rule of law and a market economy anchored in principles of social justice."

    "The Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Transformation Index (BTI) analyzes and evaluates whether and how developing countries and countries in transition are steering social change toward democracy and a market economy."

    Global Green Economy Index

    The Global Green Economy Index comprises the Green Perception Survey and the Green Performance Index. Themes investigated are environmental performance, climate change, natural capital, environmental industries and investment, and leadership on these issues.

    Retrieved from,, 03.03.2015, pg. 3

    Human Wellbeing Index

    The HWI is designed to be a more holistic measure of socioeconomic conditions than narrow monetary indicators such as the Gross Domestic Product. It covers more aspects of human wellbeing than the United Nations’ Human Development Index.

    It is the unweighted average of indices of health and population, wealth, knowledge, community and equity. To prevent a high score for equity from offsetting poor human conditions, equity is included in the HWI only when it does not raise the index.

    Sustainable Society Index (SSI)

    The SSI is trying to measure the dimensions Human Wellbeing (including the dimension Economic Wellbeing) and Environmental Wellbeing. The SSI consists of 21 indicators in seven categories.
    (Sustainable Society Foundation (SSF),, 2015-04-17)

    Social Progress Index

    The Social Progress Index is an aggregate index of social and environmental indicators that capture three dimensions of social progress: Basic Human Needs, Foundations of Wellbeing, and Opportunity. The Index measures social progress strictly using outcomes of success, not how much effort a country makes. For example, how much a country spends on healthcare is much less important than the health and wellness actually achieved by that country, which is what outcomes measure.

    Wildlife Picture Index

    The Wildlife Picture Index (WPI) combines photos from camera traps and relevant environmental data to understand how well efforts to protect biodiversity are functioning. It was designed to address the need for robust biodiversity monitoring indicators to fulfill the Convention on Biological Diversity’s goal to reduce the rate of biodiversity loss by 2020.

    Green investments (to capture potential source of transformational change)

    The Green Transition Scoreboard tracks private sector investments in the global economy, relevant to renewable energy, energy efficiency, water (2014 theme), research and development and green technologies (i.e. clean tech).

    Legatum Prosperity Index

    The Prosperity Index is a global measurement of prosperity based on both income and wellbeing. The Index analysed the countries across 8 sub-indices – Economy, Entrepreneurship & Opportunity, Governance, Education, Health, Safety & Security, Personal Freedom and Social Capital.

    Global Competitiveness Index

    The Global Competitiveness Index measures the microeconomic and macroeconomic characteristics that underpin national competitiveness.

    Retrieved from,, 06.03.2015

    Sustainability-adjusted GCI

    The indicator assesses “the set of institutions, policies and factors that make a nation remain productive over the longer term while ensuring social and environmental sustainability”.

    Retrieved from,, 10.04.2015

    Satisfaction with healthcare provision

    "Percentage of people who rate health care provision in their country rather or very good"

    Retrieved from,, on 10.4.2015

    Faults per 100 fixed-telephone lines per year

    The total number of reported faults to fixed telephone lines for the year. Faults, which are not the direct responsibility of the public telecommunications operator, should be excluded. This is calculated by dividing the total number of reported telephone faults for the year by the total number of fixed lines in operation and multiplied by 100.

    Freedom of Expression and Belief

    Freedom of belief is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or community, in public or private, to manifest religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observance; the concept is generally recognized also to include the freedom to change religion or not to follow any religion (Art. 18, Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

    Retrieved from,, 12.12.2014

    Inequality adjusted Happy Planet Index

    The Happy Planet Index calculation (life expectancy x wellbeing / ecological footprint) adjusted for within country inequalities in wellbeing and inequality. This was calculated for illustrative purposes in the 2012 Happy Planet Index.

    Trust in the church

    This indicator displays the answers to the question "How much confidence do you have in the church?" Answers available are "a great deal", "quite a lot", "not very much" or "none at all"?

    Trust in armed forces

    The indicator measures one's confidence in the armed forces: is it a great deal, quite a lot, not very much or none at all?

    How much confidence do you have in the press?

    The indicator breaks down the level of confidence one has in the press: is it a great deal, quite a lot, not very much or none at all?

    Retrieved from,, 13.01.2015